Hi, and welcome to my Sale Items page. I will be displaying items that I currently have for sale, here. When an item has been sold, it will be removed. If a sale is pending, I will mark the Sale-Status as Pending, rather than Available. If you would like to purchase a specific item, or have questions, please send an email to: tonyasaleitems@gmail.com.

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Other accepted methods of payment include cashier’s check or postal money order.

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Tonya Harding


Here is a listing of items currently for sale.

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Tonya's Wedding Dress From 2010 Marriage

Tonya's Wedding Dress - 2010

Tonya's Dancing With The Stars Dress - 2018

Tonya's Dancing With The Stars Dress - 2017

Tonya Has Autographed Photos For Sale!!
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More items coming soon